shitty ass city in new york where you can't walk ten feet without being hustled for money by homeless people that are just trying to get money for drugs and/or alcohol. i used to live there and then i found out my friend got jumped by the BBK (benkard barrio kings)on clinton street... there are nice parts of the town but for the most part it's like growing up in new york city, gangs and violence..once was a nice place however newburgh corrupted this place.
wouldn't let my kids walk the streets alone in cornwall,ny...
by good_to_know_yo February 27, 2009
Top Definition
Quite possibly the greatest place on the planet, this is reflected by British Tourist industry figures. More people from the UK go to Cornwall on holiday then fly abroad. Problem is, we don't want you here. We live in a beautiful place far far away from the North East or any crime-rife cities and we, the Cornish people would like to keep it that way.

Nothing pisses me off more than not being able to surf because of the sheer volume of pastey-white bodies on the beach and in the water. Really, stay at home this summer, we'll like you a lot more for it.
'Bloody Emmets! You can't move for them' (Emmet being a derogatory term for a holiday maker, it has its origins in the Cornish word for 'ant'
by SurferBum March 14, 2005
The Lost Celtic Country,It is not an EnglishCountyas the anglo-saxon conspiracy woiuld have you believe. It is the DUCHY of Cornwall.Closely related to their cousins the Welsh{Cymru}and the Bretons in Brittany western Franceand second cousins to the Irish Eire,the Manx and of course the Scottish Alba Those who chose to ridicule this ancient race are simply jealous usually Anglo saxons, that Foreign Germanic race who do not belong on these islands(Ever notice that ALL the Celtic Lands are Outstandingly Beautiful Whilst England is mostly bland flat featureless wasteland?) and no! I am not Cornish but i am a Celt

ps, This before some smart arse(saxon)posts an entry gushing lyrically about The Lake District being a gorgeous part of England .Well Sorry to kick you in the Germanic Bollocks once again BUT you see Cumbria is also Celtic so piss off back to the Low Countries.
Cornwall is Great. Fantastic People and Great Pasties oh and marvelous Beaches ,Good Weather
by william the wallace March 11, 2006
A nicer place then anywhere else in the UK. A minimum level of chavs, lots of fit girls, a great place to live. The main downside is the 'emmets' who come down with there chavvy mates on holiday.
Wow, Cornwall sure is nicer than anywhere else in the UK!
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
Bit at bottom of UK that looks like an Elephants trunk. historically a country in it's own right, similar to Wales, except the people aren't so stuck up their asses, and speak English to you, with minimal strange looks. The Cornish name for Cornwall is Kernow.
I went surfing in Cornwall, and got hammered on Scrumpy and the local Skunk weed they grow there... it rocked!
by UK Tours Ltd. April 04, 2003
County stuck on the arse-end of England. Deluded locals think they live in a separate country. The rest of England doesn't care because it is a third-world shit- hole. Arrogant student surfers everywhere. A lobotomy is required to swim in the sea as it's so cold.
Aharghhhhh me heartiieeeesssss, I comes from Cornwall so I be betterrrrrr than you. Now give me my government handouts! Aharrrrggggghh!
by Truthtellersunited November 18, 2014
When you feed your girlfriend nothing but corn, wait for her to shit and half way through fuck her in the ass.
I cornwalled my girlfriend last night.
by DaftSpades January 24, 2014
When a man presses and rubs a closed fist against his lover's anus for added stimulation during sex.
Jonathan's pinky developed a cramp while fingering Connie's anus, so he simply made a fist and Cornwalled her.
by BB2 June 28, 2013
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