A small town in Orange County, NY where people are embarassed to say they are from because it is a shithole.
"Are you from Washingtonville?" "No."
by B something October 27, 2005
a suckish place to live with shitty poor schools and a the small town with no stores whatsoever. People there either spend their days watching people go by and by occasionally saying something black even though they are as white as wonder bread or they go online and play video games while checking urban dictionary to see how popular they are.
DAMN! We are so popular,i just check urban dictionar and WASHINGTONVILLE HAS 3 ENTRIES!
by ur not getting my name May 27, 2008
A town in New York that no one knows about. Other than being the tiniest town in history, it is full of bored teenagers who spend their lives doing absolutely nothing but walking around pointlessly and not having lives. If you ever move there, prepare for boredom.
Girl 1: im bored today.
Girl 2: oh, lets walk around washingtonville.
Girl 3: how will that help?
by someone with no life August 23, 2007
The "metaphorical" place you go to when the action of one catfish ravages another for sex and money. Washingtonville is the only "metaphorical" safe haven from rude pillaging catfish.
Yo do you see that catfish, its totally ravaging that other catfish for sex and money. Quick go to Washingtonville.
by R.L.Stein April 26, 2011

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