A discreet way of identifying a cluster fuck.
"Too many people are scheduled to work today." "Yeah, the boss has created a real corn flake."
by cronkman_69 March 06, 2009
Nickname given to a Caucasian person similar to, "white boy", "cracker", "honky" etc., but not necessarily used as a racial slur
Yo, what up, corn flake?
by M0n$t3r June 11, 2014
A person who rarely deviates from the foods they are accustomed to.
He's a total cornflake, all's he eats is Kraft Dinner and Hotdogs
by picodog June 23, 2010
A term used to describe the tri service cap badge worn by new recruits in the Canadian Forces. Also a term of derision for recruits themselves.
"The shitter is backed up and there's shit all over the place."

"Get a cornflake to clean it up"
by CFgrunt February 07, 2012
A rich idiot.

After Boris Johnson, Eton-educated mayor of London, who called poor people stupid, claiming that the bigger cornflakes tended to end up at the top of the packet.

He then failed three IQ questions on live radio.
A: Did you hear what Boris Johnson said today?
B: He's such a cornflake.
by jolene_motley December 03, 2013
The act of going down on a woman, not washing your face, sticking your head out of the window on your drive home, then peeling off the dried 'juices' and eating them like corn flakes.
"I went down on Donna last night and there was so much come I just let it dry and ate it like corn flakes on my way home."
by LBird33Orlando September 25, 2012
A cereal created by Kellogg's, which can be found in any grocery store. Usually eaten in a bowl with milk. A very clear cut word, which does not do well when used with hidden meanings.
Person A: I had cornflakes this morning. They was amazing.

Person B: No way!

Person A: Believe it.

Person B: The cereal?

Person A: The cereal.
by Kaylie G April 02, 2010
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