The practice of sequentially inserting each digit of your hand into a man's anus and then licking them clean.
"Let me prove how much I love you and give you a Cornelius."
by Jobble October 09, 2011
A criminal who hides in dark alleyways and chops people in half down their coronal plane to scoop out their organs with a spoon and eat their breast meat.
Chuck Norris is such a Cornelius.
by Taco Bell Dog on the Moon April 25, 2009
a variety of fecal matter that has chunks of partially-digested corn in it, made popular by the name of one of Mr. Hanky's "nuggets" from South Park.
-keep pushing!
-I'm pushing as hard as I can!
-here, I see the head!
-It's coming!
-Aw Man, it's not mr. hanky, it's just Cornelius...
by Morningwood February 03, 2007
Derogatory term used for someone (usually a male) who acts in an exceptionally corny or cheesy manner. Often used after a disastrous attempt at being romantic.

Josh: Your eyes are like the summer wind, Tanya

Tanya: Nice try, Cornelius
by ado potato November 18, 2007
curling one out into a male mans mouth, then he swallows it whilst rubbing his nipplets.
"oh judas, your amazins at giving me a cornelius!"
A child, usually under the age of twelve, who possesses qualities of Cornelian nature. Such qualities include a bowl haircut, horridly pale skin, ugly glasses, awkward posture, disgusting childlike habits, and the occasional doodoo that protrudes from the rear.
Tom, did you see that Cornelius skipping down that hill in his highwater cargo pants with a skidmark on the back eating a ring pop?

Look at the Cornelius over there with Oreo cookie crumbs around his mouth smiling at Prudence across the room?

Wow, you can see a perfect outline of that Cornelius' butt through his overalls ski pants.

by Eudipidus March 17, 2009
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