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A large but very rural town in Vermont. Home of the oldest running Rope Ski Tow in the US, and the film site of the 1988 movie, Beetlejuice.

Only thing good about Corinth is that it has several Maple Sugaring operations running and a fuck-ton of farms.

Also one of the many popular Fall photography places in New England.
Guy #1: Where y'all live?
Guy #2: I live in Corinth.

Guy #1: Hey, isn't that where that Beetlejuice movie was filmed?
#beetlejuice #vermont #bradford #maple sugar #farms #trees
by Skellertom July 05, 2012
A tiny rural town in Maine. The only allure is that it's within reasonable driving distance to Bangor. It's at least better than being from the county--just not by much. If you like god, guns, and a backwards education (and sports weren't our thing either), then Corinth, ME might be the place for you. Extra points if you have a cornfield and cowshit fetish.
Speaker 1: "Hey, where are you from?"

Speaker 2: "Corinth"

Speaker 1: (One of two replies) "Where is that?" Or "I think I drove through there once. Farms and Trailer Parks right?"
#maine #hicks #strawberries #evangelicals #cheerleaders
by am_ialwaysright February 20, 2011
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