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my love...and the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
The bassist of Flogging Molly goes to my church.
by Cori August 05, 2003
When you are extremly high on extacsy.
Mike: I feel like I feel everything.
Shawn: What the hell is wrong with you?
Mike: I'm trippin' billies!
by Cori April 03, 2005
a girls name usually...short for corinne.
go me! I, Cori, am awesome!!!!!
by Cori August 05, 2003
when one person jumps on another person with their whole body and all their weight
wham bam... BODY SLAM!
by Cori May 17, 2004
Something you get in the Midwest from touching your own prairie dog a lot. A disease with rashes and stuff...
She got all like Monkeypox on him.
by Cori June 09, 2003
omg! wtf is up with these incredibly long entries dissing the preps!
theres nothing wrong with being preppy
by cori May 15, 2004
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