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A lovely and drop-dead gorgeous woman of high moral standing. Ultra reliable and hard-working, possibly does anal but that's none of your business.
Woah, she just got an amazing promotion! She must be such a Cordelia! She deserves it.
#cordelia #corrie #anal #beautiful #sexy
by Crashoverride87 March 29, 2011
A beautiful, sweet, skinny, little biddy. Gives the best lap dances you've ever had. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her because she is simply a beautiful biddy inside and out.
Lily loves her too.
"She's always ready. When you want it she want like a nympho..."
"Damn, that Cordelia's got it goin' on"
#cordelia #hottie #nympho #biddy #lap dance #sexual predator
by beautiful bitch February 06, 2010
Castmember of the second season of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club". Member of the "party girls" clique.
"Did you see what Cordelia did on the last episode??"
#bad girls club #oxygen #party #girl #bad
by BGCFAN February 25, 2008
A unreliable friend who will appear to hate you but really likes you. Able to make fancies rather than friends, and those who get her (cough cough robert jackson) always misuse her and mess it up even though she puts 110% into it. However she has some character flaws, cordelias pull hair when angry and do not hesitate to kick certain areas of the male anatomy. However this is compensated by the fact that she has biggg boobs.
"All right man, which of these would you love, hate, and marry: Megan Fox, Cordelia, or Jessica Alba"

"I'd love Megan, Kill Jessica, and yes I just might marry Cordelia."

"Wow You clearly haven't gone out yet."
#annoying #persistant #hot as fuck #big boobed #triple attack
by maniaofdaz June 14, 2009
An expression used when one has a feeling of extreme pain, similiar to the word "ouch"
"Cordelia!! That really hurt!"
#ouch #cordelia #ow #pain #injury
by Mathieuson February 18, 2008
one who has dingleberries of the anus,or has an anus who is as open and wide as the luray caverns.
omg did you see that chick come out of that bathroom with five guys, shes a Cordelia, she loves anal sex she just loves it!
#the bad girls club #whore #comedy #lol #cordelia
by schatar February 24, 2008
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