A girl who is most likely to be your soul-mate but only on the friend level.
Random person: What's the deal with you two? Are you friends or dating or what?

Tmar: Kelly's my Coopy!

Random Person: Oh, gotcha, right on!

by Tmar Jefferis September 16, 2008
Top Definition
A girl who is most likely to be your soul-mate
Frank: we know everything about each other, and are so connected, she's my coopy
by ilostmysox March 05, 2009
A female who is virtuous and innocent

'I hear that Katy is far from Coopy'

'Damn right, she gives awful brain'
by EightyFive January 03, 2009
anything bad, wrong, insulting, or unsatisfactory
Why would you say that? That was so coopy of you.

Shes lookin kind of coopy today.

That really hurt you frickin cooper!
by teemschmikk October 20, 2009
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