The name given to one with Coop-like characteristics. One of the more prominent characteristics is the coop-like luck. A Canadian Coop is called Coop-eh-loop. They are generally observed as having curly hair and glasses.
That curly haired kid with glasses is without a doubt a Coop-A-Loop
by DJP January 29, 2004
Top Definition
Old school. Alley-oop pass from Magic Johnson to Michael Cooper for the dunk. Showtime, suckers.
by headslap64 January 07, 2010
A take off the movie Old School when Will Ferrell is about to go streaking and Snoop Dogg is performing. He grabs the mic from him and says "Snoop, Snoop-A-Loop."
A way to greet someone named Cooper.
Justyn (AKA Brown Man): Coop, Coop-A-Loop
You're my boy Coop, Coop you're my boy. (Another take from Old School, replacing Blue's name w/Coop.)
by Cooper28 July 10, 2008
Coopaloop, also known as "Poopaloop" or "The Shit Ring" is when a male proceeds to defaecate on a females torso, shaping it into a circle with ones hands. Once the circle is complete, the male then ejaculates into the circle.
To give someone the coopaloop.
by miamiheat09 April 22, 2009
A crazy kid with an afro; who every now and then goes on a loose. Then you have to catch him.
My neighbor is Coop-A-Loop.
by ~TheCoopCatcher~ January 28, 2004
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