A take off the movie Old School when Will Ferrell is about to go streaking and Snoop Dogg is performing. He grabs the mic from him and says "Snoop, Snoop-A-Loop."
A way to greet someone named Cooper.
Justyn (AKA Brown Man): Coop, Coop-A-Loop
You're my boy Coop, Coop you're my boy. (Another take from Old School, replacing Blue's name w/Coop.)
by Cooper28 July 10, 2008
Coopaloop, also known as "Poopaloop" or "The Shit Ring" is when a male proceeds to defaecate on a females torso, shaping it into a circle with ones hands. Once the circle is complete, the male then ejaculates into the circle.
To give someone the coopaloop.
by miamiheat09 April 22, 2009
The name given to one with Coop-like characteristics. One of the more prominent characteristics is the coop-like luck. A Canadian Coop is called Coop-eh-loop. They are generally observed as having curly hair and glasses.
That curly haired kid with glasses is without a doubt a Coop-A-Loop
by DJP January 29, 2004
A crazy kid with an afro; who every now and then goes on a loose. Then you have to catch him.
My neighbor is Coop-A-Loop.
by ~TheCoopCatcher~ January 28, 2004
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