A sweet kind and caring guy. He may be a little stubborn, but he will protect his loved ones with everything he's got. He will stand up for you if you really mean something to him and he will always be there for you.
Justyn bought a bouquet of roses! How kind and caring he is!
by blahblah8928 April 04, 2010
A super cute guy. Whos obsessed with his shoes, and complains about everything he hates.

We need more people like him in the world.

"Hey man, did you see Justyn at lunch ?"-_____
"Yeah girl, Hes fine !"-_____
by Youreallydontknowwhothisis August 28, 2008
A man thats more than man. who likes to punch douchers in the face. who is a mild racist but some of his best friends are white. he loves herbs. and loves being liberated
Dude if i was justyn i would punch that doucher in the face!
by runit9909090 August 10, 2008
Tend to be quiet, and seem annoying and/or ignorant but are quite the opposite once someone gets to know them. Many dye their hair, tend to have quite large penises, and really love women. They also tend to be very good fighters. Can be assholes if you mistreat them or their friends. Easily Mis-understand people and get their feelings hurt easy. Male and Female Name, though usually male.
"yo, you know that Justyn feller? The one who always wears black?"
"yeah, the one who asked me out. That Guy is annoying."
by WraithXIII December 21, 2013
A beautiful and unique feminine way to spell Justin when used for a girl.
Parents use the name Justyn as great conversation starters at parties even though their child suffers traumatically in the elementary school years.
by JustyB September 05, 2008
a name. pronounced "justin" often mistaken for "justine"....this name may be used for a male or female (i am a female justyn and have met only one other)
-Justine could you do me a favore?

-i dont know who justine is. my name is JUSTYN....and YES i have a vagina not a penis
by justyn ghost August 24, 2008
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