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Smegma. The foul smelling and tasting substance found under the foreskin of a man's penis. Is usually composed of dead skin and other body secretions.
My boyfriend wants me to give him a blow job but I can't stand the taste of head cheese.
by DJP August 23, 2003
A small serving of gelatin, usually in a nut cup, made with vodka instead of water.
The the party we did Jello Shots to get our buzz on.
by DJP August 23, 2003
Abbreviation for "Gay White Male" used in personal ads
GWM seeks same for interesting and converstion and possible relationship.
by DJP August 23, 2003
Sexy Person
AKA Alissa Agrey
Alissa is so Daymmmmmm sexc
by DJP April 15, 2005
Used to describe the look created when a man has an erction that shows by making a bulge in his pants.
Adam popped a trouser tent sitting in our sex education class.
by DJP August 23, 2003
An adjective describing subjects considered to be in the fine arts.

An adjective describing a person who participates in the arts.
Technical colleges are best because you don't have to take the unrealated artsy-fartsy classes.

Most of the kids in the drama class are too artsy-farty for my taste.
by DJP August 23, 2003
Someone who has luck equivalent to that of a coop-a-loop. It generally describes someone who always happens to have things go their way, no matter the situation.
After winning six straight poker hands, Andrew was said to have coop-like luck.
by DJP January 29, 2004
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