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If you play a practical joke on somebody, make fun of them when they do something stupid, or yell "REGULATORS Mount Up" at them, then you have Nate Dawgged them.
Crystal is quietly working at her computer when her co-worker Aron (AKA A.J.) suddenly comes up behind her and yells "Regulators, Mount Up." Much later in the evening after a few beers A.J. recalls the events to his friends. "Hey man, I was at work today and totally Nate Dawgged this chic."
by Cooper28 June 30, 2008
A take off the movie Old School when Will Ferrell is about to go streaking and Snoop Dogg is performing. He grabs the mic from him and says "Snoop, Snoop-A-Loop."
A way to greet someone named Cooper.
Justyn (AKA Brown Man): Coop, Coop-A-Loop
You're my boy Coop, Coop you're my boy. (Another take from Old School, replacing Blue's name w/Coop.)
by Cooper28 July 10, 2008

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