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Cool Whipped:

1. When a person, male or female, is so in love with a special someone, that he or she is 100% devoted to that being. Usually this person will become their little bitch and do anything that their companion asks. Usually whoever controls the sex is the cool whipper; and the recipient is the one who is cool whipped.

2. A more extreme form of being whipped.
Joe's at the nail salon with that new girlfriend of his. He is so cool whipped.
by McDonna July 28, 2013
Being in the best mood because something awesome or cool just happened to you! high off life!
Daddy just bought me a new mercedes benz! I'm so coolwhipped right now!
by Alyssa Ashley May 20, 2007
A term coined by the members of Blaze New Paths which refers to anything generally thought of as cool, exciting, or otherwise awesome and noteworthy.
Man, those BNP kids, are so cool whipped, they be all over the radio!

I love the Nissan Z, it's cool whipped!

Be cool whipped, be proud!
by November 16, 2008

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