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1. Delicious delicacies

2. A small text file stored in your computer when accessing websites, sometimes helpful (saving login information for future logins), often used for malicious purposes (tracking movements on web, spam)

3. A person, commonly used during the Roaring 20's in America and old detective films depicting said time period.
1. The cookies Grandma baked for us were delicious!

2. If you want to increase your privacy online, disable the use of cookies in your browser, but it might make some sites inaccessible.

3. That gangster was one tough cookie, but we finally caught him.
by Lexicon-artist January 30, 2005
736 373
Not Sure How much of it, but its a word in reference to crack-cocaine.
"I'm shaking baking cookies, turning rookies into Vets" - SPM(South Park Mexican)
by "E" the Original E October 19, 2008
1 14
A vagina duh.............................
I wanna eat that cookie.
by Adorkable Caity March 31, 2007
12 25
a kiss, to make out. lip action. lipage..
D:I'm hungry, can i have a cookie?
A: Yeah
by Madonna&Elvis January 07, 2007
12 25
something very vague that makes no sense, often used by ambiguous people to confuse you since it has so many possible definitions. used by confused people who don't know what they want: could be nookie/sumpin sweet/randy baby could be just...a cookie made of flour and semisweet morsels. one never knows...ARGH so frustrating!
pizza was good, movie was good. then even when no cookies are present sayin..."time to eat a cookie."

by sweetcaKes February 21, 2006
11 24
1) A type of biscuit.

2) Another word for vagina, also know as pussy, fanny, and a womans gentles.

1) "That new bakery is doing well! there cookies are to die for, they taste so good!"

2) man 1 - "Her cookie was so warm and moist, my hands will be going back in that cookie jar for sure!"

man 1- "Does Laura give you much cookie?"

man 2 - "Nah, not so much anymore, she says she's too tired.."

man 1 - "Man, you need a new wife!"
by L810 August 28, 2008
11 25
A person who says they are gonna go watch you bowl and DOESNT.
Cookie is a hairy man from New Mexico!
by Krusty Klown January 28, 2008
6 20
a male or female orgasm
we humped for six hours before i got my cookie.
by blargh6 November 09, 2007
8 22