a word really awesome people use. those peeps are so amazing that the L is just dropped in the lame word: cool. but you have to have enough swagger to pull off a word like coo or else it'll sound stupid.

if you have coo down you ready to face the world
person 1: woa your shoes are sickk

person 2: yea ikk

person 3: ugh so awesome wish i was coo like you
by bunk24 November 01, 2012
another name for coochie, or vagina
I went to Shayla's and yeah she gave me that coo.

Believe me, I tasted the coo before.
by red sn0w January 22, 2010
a vagina.
Wow, that girl's got a coo.
by forkspork7 December 04, 2008
Short For Coulatso

Which Means arse in Italian
Nice Coo
by FTP. October 09, 2008
The mixture of poo and cum.
He pulled out and realized his wiener was covered in coo.
by mSsunny707 May 18, 2010
A adjective for a person that is cool but slightly immature.
Girl one: "He's cute and all...but sorta coo."
Girl two: "I hadn't thought about him being immature...but yeah. Totally coo."
by hawishyouwereme? October 25, 2009
The sound that some of the biggest "smaller" birds make, better known as pigeons. Usually hanging around parks and and within downtown areas of large cities, these pigeons make a characteristic "cooing" sound that no other birds really have.
Me: Look! Pigeons!
Pigeon: Cooo.....Coo....
by Mike Rotch March 24, 2005

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