a mash-potatoe type mixture of cum and poo......mad gross
When i pulled my dick outta her ass it was covered in hot coo.
by Lord farkwad April 21, 2008
the ice tea drink nestea cool
yo mom grab me a coo
by bryan May 05, 2005
noise a bird makes
birds- coo coo
person- shit, birds!
by rtsmarty February 13, 2004
A noise that pigeons make, along with other vegtables such as lauren, who is the shit at cooing.
megan "meow"
Lauren "coo"
by megs April 12, 2005
a stupid way of saying "cool," often said by those who, ironically, want to be "coo". . .DAMMIT!!. . .
"What do you think about that new song?"
"It's coo. . .er. . .groovy. . .um. . .sweet!"
by Fatass February 13, 2003
Another word for masterbating. C.O.O stands for Cranking One Out.
Man, I gotta go home and coo before my mom comes home.
by coo master September 26, 2006
another word for couchie
baby ur coo is so warm and juicy
by jesse March 07, 2005
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