short version of the word coosh, the bomb marijuana.
Lets roll a blunt of some chron.. na bro i got me the bombs, purple coo. Enough said lets smoke.
by Big Boi June 17, 2006
Used when a person is upset.
''dude you missed your bus''
''awww coo!''

''Your boyfriend cheated on you''
''COOO!!! :(''
by Raaz Taaz January 29, 2009
Many may think that the word coo is to make birds sounds, but really it stands for something. the something is cranking,one,out = coo. Another version of the word masterbation
wow im tierd but im going to coo anyways
by colman March 10, 2007
A lame of some sort. a person who is not cool. someone who iratates people. or someone who acts gay.
You step on my shoe you coo ass nigga. stop touchin me u fuckin coo
by Slick Homie June 11, 2007
a slang term for cocaine, mainly used in england and the UK.
i'm bored, wanna go and do some coo?
by mikodon March 09, 2007
cool, a better way for saying it
thats coo
by geoff March 10, 2003
A vile, obnoxious noise coming from the guy in the cube next to me who is talking to his 3-month old on the phone. For fuck's sake! I'm trying to work! The kid is THREE MONTHS OLD!
Coooo Cooo. It's Da da. Coo Coo.
by Notcha November 12, 2004
coo - its a noise a baby makes duh!
um the baby was cooing as we sung it to sleep.
by djmj March 14, 2003

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