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When a guy and a girl have sex with a blanket sheet with a hole between them in order to avoid physical body contact.
Al:"River was so shy last night that she took a pink blanket and cut a hole in it. Then we had blanket sex".
Pinky:"That's weird. She usually likes hot and steamy sex. Have you waxed your chest?".
Al:"No, why?".
Pinky:"Now I see the reason why! River does not like the Amazon forest!".
by hotbabyface January 13, 2011
Hot Hungarian Buck Naked.

A hot girl from Hungary who honey traps naive males who tell her secrets.
Frank: "Hey you! I met a hot lady at the airport! She told me she too was on a business trip and asked me if we could share a cab".
Neven: "She might have been a HHBN! Watch out Frank, did you keep your mouth shut on our business plan?".
Frank:"Sure, I did but I shared the cab anyway. She could not resist me and she told me lots of secrets. The HHBN was honey trapped by me this time!".
by hotbabyface December 13, 2010
A guy who gets a full intercourse with every single girl he meets at work, in the street or in a night club. In other words, he gets a full home run.
Luke:"Hey Fredo, did you hear what Peter did last night?"
Fredo:"No, tell me!"
Luke:"He went to a posh party downtown and met a girl named River. After ten minutes they both left the party and went to a motel".
Fredo:"Wow, he has scored another time! He is a score guy!".
by hotbabyface December 15, 2010
A guy who reveals super secret pseudonyms by being honey trapped by a Hot Hungarian Buck Naked (HHBN) spy
Captain ALM reveald the super secret name of Captain Security to the HHBN spy that lives in the flat over his one.
What a coo coo!
by hotbabyface December 13, 2010
Usually an assistant whose tasks include kneeling under her/his boss' table while he is having a phone call or smoking a cigar.
Al:"You know Fredo? The project is taking away most of my energies. I am so stressed. I would like to relax with a cigar and a hot kneeling assistant".

Fredo:"Keep on dreaming, pal!".
by hotbabyface January 13, 2011

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