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noun. a topic someone gets stuck on and doesn't know how to change it or move on from.
I tried to change the subject, but he was stuck in converstation.

The converstation made me late for dinner.
by anikrou January 31, 2009
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noun - a location, usually inconvenient to others, where a large group of people gather to talk.
The converstation in front of the concession stand at the movie theatre made it nearly impossible to get to the counter.
by Chrysie February 23, 2015
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A conversation in which you try to one-up the person you are talking to by using big, confusing and ill-defined terms.
Person 1: Hey man aren't I so adroit for knowing such kikky words?

Person 2: I don't want to be having the converstation with you.
by Magic4 October 17, 2007
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