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It is a game created in Minnesota by teenagers that played way to much Call of Duty: Black Ops. The point of this game is to hit the other team's player with a tennis ball. To be "out" the player must be hit twice by the other team. This game could be played in a big field, park or other area that would work. You can have free for all this is were every man fights for himself.
This one time I was playing with friends and I hit one of them in the face with a tennis ball. Also another time we had an all out war at the local park. We came up with Pick a rabbit's nose when we played Black Ops for four hours straight.
by Orangeman123 December 31, 2012
This is a conversation when two teenagers talk to each other and they say a very short sentence to the other usually swearing at each other.
Girl: Guess what.
Boy: What?
Girl: Fuck you!
Boy : Fuck you too!
This is a Shyann Converstion
by orangeman123 January 09, 2013
This is when a guy is saying he is going to watch porn on the internet.
I went to the cubs game last night.
by orangeman123 January 09, 2013
This is when a man is checking out a women. A.K.A "Study" the girl.
Boy #1: "Dude what sup?'"
Boy #2: "Dude shut up I'am studying here!"
by orangeman123 January 09, 2013
The action of using the toilet and relievings one's self of both Urine and Feces in the same sitting.
C'mon man we need to get out of here i need to squirt and dirt.
by OrangeMan123 December 10, 2006
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