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pronounced ex-'pleet

verb - to use expletives

He was so upset at work for being plutoed, all he could do was explete.

Everyone thought she had Tourettes Syndrome, but she was just expleting profusely.
#cuss #swear #potty-mouth #obscenity #profanity
by Chrysie January 08, 2007
(n) a feeling of dignity and satisfaction in having grey hair; being publicly open and proud of ones hair color.
The woman exhibited grey pride when she rejected the stylists offer to color her hair.

Not only was the gentleman handsome, but he clearly had grey pride.
#gray pride #old #senior #aging #grey hair
by Chrysie July 06, 2014
noun - a location, usually inconvenient to others, where a large group of people gather to talk.
The converstation in front of the concession stand at the movie theatre made it nearly impossible to get to the counter.
#mob #conversation #gathering place #large group #hang-out converstaytion
by Chrysie February 23, 2015
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