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Conversational Masturbation: A conversation in which one participant self-indulgently releases/ejaculates all the contents of there mind while the other participant has little to no interaction.
I never said a word yet she told me about her dog, her allergies, her son's school problems, the traffic she hit on the way to work, how she likes to listen to the radio when she’s going to sleep, and how she feels about Costco. It was a really boring Converbation .

I was having a very productive morning until Sheila came into my office and converbated for 45 minutes.
by Monkey Allen September 25, 2007
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Talking to yourself inadvertently. The awkward moment when you realize that the person you had been conversing with has left the viscinity.
"I had a two-minute converbation after you walked off to get pork rinds."
by MartyO July 29, 2009
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To have a conversation about hot girls and sex and then to jack off watching porn with at least one friend.
That converbation last night was totally intense! I got a major boner!
by d12kicksass! October 20, 2009
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Converbation. Is the simple act of entering into conversation while masturbating. Hence durring a phone call or online chatting, skyping etc.
Wow, what a Converbation! She had such a sexy voice, but then I saw her picture. I was totally Converbating until I saw her photo.
by SOLARMOON February 07, 2012
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When two people, seemingly involved in a conversation are actually engaged in an exchange of back-to-back unrelated statements or monologues.
Jill: Pink is like, my favorite color.
Jack: I like turtles.

Observer 1: Woah, Jack and Jill are totally hitting it off!
Observer 2: nah, it's just a converbation.
by Kraynmysky June 10, 2012
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