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An unattractive person who has hair that resembles instant noodles.
whoa did you see that chick?" - Yeah I did, total ramen poodle.
#noodle #hair #head #ugly #unattractive #crusty #dog #face
by SOLARMOON July 18, 2010
To be thoroughly disturbed during masturbation.
If my door is shut, do not bother me. I do not want to be masturbed.
#masturbation #jacking #wacking #disturbed #wanking #spanking #alone time
by SOLARMOON October 09, 2013
An Introperv is someone who looks at women and has mild to wildly perverted thoughts while never expressing them. The Introperv may even stay indoors and look at women in chat rooms, or cam models while only lurking in the background and never saying very much if anything at all. - Introperv -
I was lurking and a jerking, but I couldn't speak, I must be a damn Introperv.
#pervert #jerk #jerking #jerking off #lurking #looking #cam model
by SOLARMOON July 23, 2014
Grammar .
a set of forms all of which contain a particular element, especially the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme. Reflected and refracted into a multi-colored luminous hue.

an example serving as a model; pattern. Reflected and refracted into a multi-colored luminous hue.
The thoughts he was having were "paradigm-ond."

The vision the man had was in a "paradigm-ond" form.
#diamond #mind #thinking #thought #vision #trance #quantum #relativity
by SOLARMOON March 15, 2011
A miracle heard through the ear
Making this lyrical earicle audible
#lyrical #miracle #earful #sphirical #audable
by SOLARMOON June 08, 2010
Converbation. Is the simple act of entering into conversation while masturbating. Hence durring a phone call or online chatting, skyping etc.
Wow, what a Converbation! She had such a sexy voice, but then I saw her picture. I was totally Converbating until I saw her photo.
#masturbation #masturbating #conversing #conversation #ugly #woman #man
by SOLARMOON February 07, 2012
McBlowjob - 1. A blow job done in a manner that is quick, easy, "good tasting," and cheap. However users may feel sick, and can be left with something that doesn't leave their body.

2. A blow job done for a burger or treat from McDonald's.

3. A blow job done in a fashion that is comparable to a drive through service, and may in fact be a drive through. The act of driving and fast service, or "service while driving for a "snack."
1. a: "I thought I was in heaven when I got a McBlowjob in the back of the club! But damn, that ho gave me herpes".

b: "I gave that guy a McBlowjob in the back of the club, but he came so hard i got sick".

2. a: "I really didnt want to suck it, but I was hungry and he promised me a Quarter Pounder with cheese."

b: "There's no way I would suck it on a normal day, he stunk, but I really wanted that apple pie."

3. a: "I didn't even call her first. I just drove to her house didn't even knock, walked in and got a McBlowjob!"

b: "She wasn't sure how it would work, so I grabbed her head pulled it through the passenger window and received my McBlowjob"

c: "I almost crashed my damn car when I was trying to drive and enjoy my McBlowjob with extra ketchup at the same time".
#mcdonald's #burger #in #out #fast #easy #cheap #blow job #ho #normal #snack #dick
by SOLARMOON October 15, 2013
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