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When someone says something that goes completely against the grain of another thing they have previously said or claimed to believe, and in the process of contradicting themselves, they also achieve the feat of looking like a total dick.
Paul-Hey George would you like a hotdog>

George-No man I'm a complete vegitarian, unless they are 100% Angus imported from the Sudetenland, which I'm pretty sure your ass cant afford.

Henry-Dude, you're a total Contradick
by In.The.AM July 09, 2012
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a person who is determined to contradict everyone merely for the sake of contradicting, therefore acting in a dickish manner
When I told him the interior was tan, he informed me that it was instead more of a sandy color, what a contradick
by soccerdude19 July 30, 2009
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a dick of a contra that is found inside a game
he got a really big contradick
by larj January 04, 2008
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