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someone who shows sloth-like behaviour and is often mistaken for a real life sloth
people known as or called 'conor' often show symptoms such as being very lazy, sleepy, drowsy and highly immobile.

ugh he is such a conor
by runnerboy42 April 20, 2012
13 10

He is the best in bed

he cannot be overruled and is the supreme leader of the world

his cock is always bigger than 20 inches

he is a great liar

also the cleverest man alive
Conor why are you so big?

Conor , stop you're hurting me
Conor, omg yo're a fucking tank

Conor! Get ugly
by facker292 November 17, 2012
7 10
An amazing, ginger, pretzel loving, fattie who i love more than anything in the world <3


lama: baaa!!!
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011
3 30
conor means to suck a mans penis(nob) and get the milk(cum)over your face and go to your ma and say u spilt milk over your face while trying to make a cup of tea and its thick and drippy because its outa date
conor is a cum shot
by pussy is ma life October 29, 2011
6 35
a fat fool who is shit at maths and likes to look at boys especially those named lolly
conor looks like a goat
by conor dbhfgdhgf September 15, 2011
5 37
A total fag who creates multiple entries on urbandictionary.com about how cool/good looking/funny/big dicked the name conor suggests he is when in fact he's an ugly twat with no personality and a tiny cock
I looked up Conor on urbandictionary and all the results were created by Conors.

Wow, that douche is such a Conor

Is it in yet Conor?
by jesuschristhimselves July 04, 2011
18 61
to make plans with people and then turn off/not pick up your phone when it's time to do something.

to do a conor
to pull a conor
Kirsty: Where's Jack?
Lucy: Oh, he's doing a Conor.

Stephanie: Want to go out tomorrow night?
Tom: So long as you don't do a Conor on me..
by Y4LDE January 09, 2010
34 78