The guy everyone (including all cats and most dogs) wants to be friends with. Reliable, respectful and trustworthy are just a few of the beautiful characteristics of this gentleMAN. Rumour has it that Conor was born in a circus - his jokes will quack you up ;)

"He's a fam-ily guy" that loves people in the same way otters love otters.

Conor snacks on cat ears (mmm so tasty) and girls named Yola (mmm so hairy)

Distinguishing features:
1) Hair sweeps to the right
2) Constantly smiling (probably to keep his teeth from melting due to his fiery hotness)
3) Intense, intelligent, captivating, soulful, deep blue eyes
Nigga A: "who is making that sweet music man?"

Nigga B: "must be a Conor, nigglet!"

Nigga A: "Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!"
by yogster October 24, 2013
The protestant spelling of what catholics spell Connor. Originated on the shores of the boyne 12th July 1690. King Billy charged at James and said "hawl you, Conor is a proddy name" he then kicked James head in and shouted "Moan the Rangers".
Conor ya wee proddy ma man
by ConorBjk June 29, 2016
A fuck that thinks he is the shit but really he just a piece of white trash
Abraham is such a conor
by Not a Knig July 04, 2016
The biggest fuckboy out there with hulk-like muscles, and a tic-tac sized penis.
P1: I adore your muscles!
P2: You're such a player, don't be a Conor.
by Elsa Vonsweets August 06, 2016

He is the best in bed

he cannot be overruled and is the supreme leader of the world

his cock is always bigger than 20 inches

he is a great liar

also the cleverest man alive
Conor why are you so big?

Conor , stop you're hurting me
Conor, omg yo're a fucking tank

Conor! Get ugly
by facker292 November 17, 2012
Fucking cancer, if you come across a Conor shoot it in the head and stop it from spreading its disease

Conor's are cool once drunk because you can't understand the shit that comes out if its mouth
Complete Scum
Hey, my name is Conor
by xXKillYourselfXx May 12, 2016
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