A great irish name. It means "lover of hounds/wolves"

People with this name tend to be very manly. Conors have awesome bodies and always work out. They are very funny and sensitive. A Conor isn't afraid to share what's on his mind. Blunt at times but always sweet. Conor would stay up all night just to see your face.

Conors hate it when you spell their name wrong.
Person 1: Who's that kid "Conor" that you always talk to?
Person 2: He's the best guy ever. I think I love him.

Idiot: Hey Connar!
Conor: Are you serious?
Idiot: What?
Conor: Oh forget it... *mumbles* dumb arse.
by the z~ June 20, 2011
A new, unique species of Connor that is more amazing and has up to an 8 foot long penis, highly hilarious, and all want to blow him.
That new guy Conor. is. so. fucking. hot.
by TheOne&Only:Conor December 08, 2010
The only name to have been voted the sexiest and most awesome every year since the ONA (Official Naming Association) were conceived in 1987. Since then, those named Conor have lived up to this title and time and time again have proven that anybody with this name is both incredibly good looking, smart and funny and according to a recent study conducted by David W. Martin, Ph.D., anyone who does not agree with this is in fact mentally disabled to a substantial degree, with the main neurologically affected areas being those responsible for awesome and not being a little bitch.

If you know or are friends with a Conor, you are very lucky indeed and should treat yourself as such. Conors are so intelligent that they find it hard to deal with menial assignments due to the lack of intellectual stimulation involved. They will purposefully achieve slightly above average marks so as not to take away from those around them.

To call someone a Conor is to bestow a great honour upon them.

All women secretly want a Conor, but most prefer to live in sexual frustration, rather than admit their feelings and ride the love train that is Conor.
"Man, that guy over there just saved the world from Godzilla", "Yeah and he's ridiculous good looking and must be amazing in bed, what a Conor"
"Oh my God that guy over there is so Hot I want him right now but I'm not gonna say anything because I'm a lame person, instead i'll just think about him during each and every future sexual encounter"
by Jesus McAwesomesauce August 08, 2012
A man who is generally clever, who makes quick-witted jokes and frequently enjoys his sex.

He also has a deep interest/obsession with Inception and the genius behind the film. His understanding and philosophical views on Inception have also guaranteed him many women in the past.
Girl 1: Wow, look at Conor. He seems to be having a massive sex session with all those women while making clever, quick-witted jokes and also enjoying other films from Christopher Nolan.

Girl 2: And his obsession with Inception is completely borderline sane, you can tell he hasn't tattooed Inception to his body by staring at his genita- never mind, I see a Inception spinning top on his scrotum.

Girl 1: The same Inception spinning top that can be bought from Hong Kong for the low price of $4.99 + postage and handling?

Girl 2: The same one.

Girl 1: God, this man turns me on more than Inception does. Let's participate in sex with him.

Girl 2: Sure!
by Conyak February 18, 2011
A legend. someone who loves to do some knitting. loves grandmas and drinking milk.
"Oh, look at that conor!"
by Tayzzzzzzz. February 13, 2010
A super cool person who's got a lot of awesome talents and not afraid to be themselves. That one kid everyone thinks is gay but isn't (which attributes to why he's often hounded by girls). Their really hard to explain, and hate breaking hearts, even if it's inevitable.
Girl 1: OMG there's a new Conor in our class!

Girl 2: He's soooo kewl!! isn't he gay though?

Girl 1: heeeck no!!!

Girl 2: Omg that just makes me love hime mor!!!
by unjellifyyyyy March 30, 2011
The guy everyone (including all cats and most dogs) wants to be friends with. Reliable, respectful and trustworthy are just a few of the beautiful characteristics of this gentleMAN. Rumour has it that Conor was born in a circus - his jokes will quack you up ;)

"He's a fam-ily guy" that loves people in the same way otters love otters.

Conor snacks on cat ears (mmm so tasty) and girls named Yola (mmm so hairy)

Distinguishing features:
1) Hair sweeps to the right
2) Constantly smiling (probably to keep his teeth from melting due to his fiery hotness)
3) Intense, intelligent, captivating, soulful, deep blue eyes
Nigga A: "who is making that sweet music man?"

Nigga B: "must be a Conor, nigglet!"

Nigga A: "Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!"
by yogster October 24, 2013

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