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Connie's / Conny's are usually absolutely gorgeous girls. They have a love for bright colours and are usually hyper-active. They are known to come out with random things. Connie's are totally unpredictable! Boys are always chasing after Connie's (pffft not fair!!!) Everybody knows that if you are friends with a Connie you are special.

Connie is also a fish name.
Conny is absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind

by truthqueen November 23, 2010
Slang for the plural of condom.
Do you use connies or do you just ride bareback?

Connies are for sailors, they go port to port.
by Sargon_5000 February 28, 2005
Conny, to be confused

This word was created when Jayden Relouw writ 'The little girl was conny' on his essay. He did not know how to spell confused.
jayden im really conny about this maths question!
by ADROX March 10, 2009
A train conductor that is out to give you a fine, or to (con) you, or a ticket inspector
Shit! Get off the train there's a conny!

I got a fine from the conny

Plural: connies - shit! There's the connies
by Bluefootedbooby1 July 01, 2013
a construction site where teenagers can go on and knick D.I.Y tools, radios and run about in squidgey stuff while the security guard isn't there. when the security guard comes you can get a chase and bail over a wall.
leah, gaz n cam went on da conny and did the definition
by OhMiGod August 23, 2006
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