Let me just say I don't think we are stuck up at all. I also don't believe we have an accent. Abercrombie and Fitch/ Hollister aren't expensive at all so I don't see what the big deal is about. I will admit I thought EVERYONE has been to Cape Cod but appraently not. I love having all
four seasons. A woman I know has a one floor (very small) house and it's worth 225,000 which is an average price for a house I suppose. Mine is 400,000 and it's a raised ranch. Neither of the houses have pools. The majority of 6th graders have cell phones (average age to get one). If you don't have one in 6th then most likely 7th. You can count the number of 8th graders on one hand who don't have one (I actually got mine in 5th). Oh yah, not everyone's preppy although the majority is. I don't believe polo's are really that preppy but okay. We are not stuck up snobs or anything and it's so annoying when people stereotype like that. I love designer things but not everyone does. Not all of us are spoiled but it depends on your definition of spoiled I guess. The day I turn 16 I am promised a car but it makes sence to get a car once you can drive doesn't it? I don't know what else to say so I'll stop here.
Okay, I was in Vermont this past winter (like 3 months ago) and I was talking to these people who were from Connecticut..too. We went skiing/snowboarding together and we talked to some people and every single time they asked, "Where are you from?" and we replied, "Connecticut," they either said, "WOW! so you're really rich?" or "Oh, okay talk to you later bye..." and left and it gets very annoying. This one girl even walked into me on purpose at the bottom of the hill! Please be nice and stop stereotyping.
by Kristinn. March 20, 2007
Being in CT my whole life heres what I learned.

- everyone in Greenwich has a BMW or an Audi + Shitload of SUVs
- we are a preppy state
- you either drive an average car, or a great one.

(Snobby Towns):
New Canaan
Stamford (mostly North Stamford)
"How much did you pay for that?"
"Wow man thats cheap.."

"Connecticut is one of, if not the richest state."
by Jsmooth May 23, 2006
Connecticut is that beautiful, affluent state wedged between MA and NY, that everyone views as pompous and snobby. Of course there are many wealthy areas associated with New York in the So. Half of the state (e.g. GW, Darien, New Caanan, Wilton, W & S Ports,Madison, and Old Lyme farther east. But, CT has its fair share of undesirable places including Waterbury and its disgusting blue collar suburbs, and Inner City Hartford, New Haven, and B-port. Southern CT is not the only rich enclave in the state, the Farmington Valley is a part of the Hartford Metro Area and has three very wealthy towns; Avon, Farmington, and Simsbury(My Hometown). And yes, even up here in S-bury, everyone wears Abercrombie and most still like the good ole Yankees(My Choice) as opposed to the Massholes' favorite, the blow sox. To sum it up, Connecticut IS a great state, better than New Jersey(Mainly b/c it doesn't have the STENCH). And no we are not gay, don't live near farms, and all the houses arent over 1,000,000, mine in fact is only worth $800,000 translated to about $2,787,000 if it were in Greenwich.
Most of Connecticut isn't as rich as you all think, for instance if you live in West Hartford, CT(Nice Town) and your house is worth $100,000 (unrealisticlly cheap), the cost inflation of being near NYC and everone wanting to live there would cause the house to be worth $348,000 in Waspy Greenwich.
by Better-Than-You June 22, 2006
The wealthiest State in the Nation. The richest towns by county are....
FAIRFIELD COUNTY (the CT stereotype)
ALL BUT....Bridgeport







New Milford








West Hartford













Old Lyme



The rule of thumb is that western ct is typically wealthier than eastern connecticut. Fairfield county is why CT has the reputation that it has...but there are particular towns in both Hartford and New Haven counties, and various towns along the water that are very simmilar. Snobbery abounds in some towns, and is nonexistent in others.
by toptoptoptop August 29, 2009
Maybe by statistics one of the richest states, but has a very large ghetto population. either you in a farm community, which is the richer section, or you in a city...which is most likely ghetto. ive never been to a city in ct that didnt atleast have one area wit moderatly high crime. some of the many ghettos: hartford, new haven, bridgeport, stamford, middletown, east hartford, and there is a farming town, portland, who has a lot of poverty, ghettos, and white trash. Also home to many italians and puerto ricans.
Are you from Connecticut?

Yeah Why?

Oh man you rich you from Fairfield or suttin?

Nah, Bridgeport.

Oh...shit do you have a gun? ::runs away::
by leandrah September 26, 2005
connecticut....the richest state in the nation, home to the largest casino in the world, and has some of the most dangerous, and overlooked ghettos on the east coast, these being bridgeport, new haven, new britan, hartford, and of course, the R-O-C-rockville. most people think that because we live in connecticut we have like gucci and prada bags (or whatever, i wouldnt know, i dont have one and dont want to cause i am a guy) when we are actually a fairly normal group with some rich people living here. most people say that connecticut is a suburb of new york and boston, and this is probably true. most of us here dont really shop at abercromie(GAY), spend time in cape cod, wear flip-flops in december, have cars that cost more than our school, and all that shit. what we do have is a bunch of snobs that do and have these things and give the rest of us a bad name. most of the other people that posted about connecticut are just being stereotypical assholes(especially martha) that probably have never even been here or if they have, they havent even been to the ghetto. if you really want to see for yourself that im not lying, take of the prada bag, stop being preppy and come spend a day in the real part of connectict. if you dont like any of what im saying you can write me an email and fuckin complain about it(angubeef@sbcglobal.net). so fuck you, america! shout outs to everyone in rockville that i love!!
Westport ppl: Oh, are you from NYC or something?
Rockville ppl: No, we're from Rockville.
Westport ppl: Where's that?
Rockville ppl: Connecticut.
Westport ppl: Heh, ghetto scum.
Rockville ppl: Say that again and you'll get fuckin' popped in yo' jaw, bitch!
Westport ppl: ..::run away::..
by angus BEEF!! April 14, 2006
A rich state, probably the richest in the country. It has many rich states like Greenwich and Westport (Where I live).

A lot of people assume that were snobs because we shop at places like Hollister, Abercrombie, Juicy Couture and have LV, coach, and pradda bags. And also have people like Martha S., Paul Newman, 50 cent and Johnny Deep who have houses here.

You can say that you might find 1 snob in like 100 people in Westport because that is true. And just to add as a comment

I think blond89 has mistaken info because people in Westport do not wear flip flops in the winter, we do not think bad things about New Jersey and New Haven. Also the cars at our high school are not worth more than our high school. Currently our high school is ¼ of a mile. Last comment WE ARE NOT GAY! This is just the truth from a girl who has lived in Westport for her whole life. In Connecticut there are some poor towns too so don’t judge places from what you hear. I agree with Martha, a lot of people in Westport do pop the collar.
One day when I'm walking in NY. A girl is taking a survey on fashion. And She walkes up to me and says
"I love that that LV Handbag!" "Is it real?" she askes.
I answer "erm...yeah"(I'm thinking to myself why would someone wear a fake one?)
"Do you live in Connecticut?"
"Yea," I answered
"So you must one of the girls that live in an over a million dallor house right?"
So she glares at me and goes Hmph, and stops off.
by Kelly L. September 13, 2005
a place where all the kids go to rich private schools. they all compete at what ivy colleges they want to go to from the age of 12. if you go to boarding school its not uncommon. many rich famous people have five houses in kent,ct or wilton,ct.
kids work their asses off starting from grade school just to brag about what colleges they want to go to.getting an -A is not spectacular its expected. the end.
you have three houses and maybe an apartment building on the upper east side. all the teenagers have bmw's. they spend all their parents money and use it to buy drugs... many people are rich but they don't have to say anything because well.. it shows.

1:" what college do you want to go to?"

2: columbia. duh

1: but you got like a 900 on the sat's. your dumb as bricks.

2: well both my parents went their and they will buy me in

1: oh i see you must be from Wilton,ct

you know you live in connecticut when

you go to boarding schools like
kent,canterbury, marvelwood, andover choate,

you have three different tutors

one for ... school, SAT's and another language

all the kids pretend its so lame when they really love it

in a school of over 2,000 only five black kids can be found. if your lucky. you will rarely find any hispanics maybe an asian but that only if you go to boarding school

when your best friends are from turkey, california, nantucket, nepal.. and your met them at boarding school when you were sent away at age 14-18

everyone where burkenstocks or uggs

if you dont own an iphone people think your poor

all of the females 25 and under wear a side pony tail with leggings and uggs no matter what season it is

all the kids go to cancun on weekends

when you live down the street from oscar de la renta

when there are hardly any street lights

everyone is asleep at 7

the students have 2 cars by age 20

everyone goes to a tropical islands during

winter break

perfection is a life style

most people go to private schools

new canan, westport,wilton, darian are for snobs

there are pointless stores like chicos and posh,and gator

you have to drive everywhere

skiing and snowboarding become a way of life

when you have a nanny and a maid

when everyone is skinny

when the mothers are thinner than their teenage daughters

living in brigeport is social suicide

all the rich kids buy drugs

when like and um is used in every sentence

your rich and you know it ..

when any college besides princeton isnt an option

your fluent is spanish and french from your nannys that
raised you

when you can show everyone martha's exact adress

when your living in oprahs old house

when your parents are richer than denzel washighton

when your parents adopt more kids from forgein countries than angelia jolie

when you have a vietmanese adopted brother

when your parents go to parties with hugh heff

when you can name at least 10 famous people from hollywood that live in your town

when you see kira sedgwick in the grocery store and it doesn't phase you

when you take the train to the city for fun cause its less than an hour away

you have a house worth more than halle berrys child or the state of California

everyone pops their collar

when in a school on 2,000 there are only 4 black kids

you think new haven is as ghetto as harlem

your best friend is from turkey or some exotic place

you have to own some sort of patagonia or north face( bookbag, fleece

when you never go without

if you don't own at least 1 coach or burberry item everyone questions your existence

the only acceptable polo shirt is ralph lauren or lacoste

when lacrosse and soccer moms run the show

when tennis is the only spring sport played
by Julia alexis. the hippie March 19, 2009
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