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Acronym for Budweiser Miller Coors. Usually used in a disparaging way to refer to beers that have no flavor and thus must be served ultra-cold to disguise their putrid taste. Also can be used to refer to the people that drink aforementioned crap beers, who think the only purpose behind drinking beer is to get drunk as quickly and cheaply as possible.
I brewed a good summer ale for my barbeque, but since I knew the BMC crowd would be there too, I bought a case of Buttwiper just for them.
by S. Mosier June 12, 2007
Abbreviation of "big monster cocks", from the "Maximum Penetration" adult movie.
I watched the BMC video clip at least twenty times last night, it's so damn good!
by #duck January 20, 2006
Blow me cunt

Cunt:Hey hows it going Johnny?
Guy: BMC
Cunt: wow um ok -undoes zipper-
Guy: :) That actually worked :DD
by Dexter204/dcool19d August 29, 2011
Abbreviation for 'Big Monster Cock'. Often used in the connotation of fellatio.
R0G3R! was aching for some BMC when his mouth went dry.
by R0G3R! January 02, 2007
Beyond My Career. The next time it needs to be fixed, I'll be retired. See also yp and nmp
...And this will work?
For how long?
I'm confident that it will be at least BMC.
-Wasted Talent #417
by only_j August 14, 2011
Bitch Moan and Complain
(7:26:48 PM) Her: i'm soooooooo cold.
(7:27:25 PM) Him: get a blanket
(7:27:29 PM) Her: no
(7:27:36 PM) Him: ahhaha then don't BMC =]
(7:28:41 PM) Her: oh hell nah!
(7:28:50 PM) Him: ily =]
(7:29:14 PM) Her: i'm gonna shank you
by 1 in 6 Billion+ March 15, 2008
1.)Bun, Meat & Cheese: used to abbreviate an order of a burger soley containing bun, meat-patty and cheese, and is frequently sided with a rootbeer with NO ice...silly ice. Only the brave BMC-er will order a BMC with ketchup already inside.
2.)Bassett Mirror Company; Bassett,VA
BMC-er: "Yea can i have a BMC with a rootbeer no ice"
Cashier:"What the fuck is a BMC?"
BMC-er: "Bun meat and cheese you fucking ignorant shlongsackbunglestein "
by Colin M. April 16, 2007
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