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ahh yes where i live.
known for being a rich inhabitants to famous ppl such as oprah and 50 cent.
but everyone over looks the fact that conneticut also has the most crime rate and hartford conneticut is the murder capital of the world. with such ghettos as hartford, new haven, and parts of meriden yall bitches think we ritches but u aint know shit.
ghetto slang -
hartford - hottford
meriden - dirty den etc... etc...
"Yo nigga where u chilling tonite?"
"My homie got a crib in the dirty den, ima bout to step"
"Iight Ima be up in the webster peepin this new rap group"
"Yo be careful suckas be whallin up there fo yo ass nigga"
The Webster is a small underground concert type place in hartford connecticut for most rap groups and rock groups as well.
by Cryptik November 24, 2005

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