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Connecticut is a nice state. If you are the one of the idiots who thinks that it is all rich than you need to leave Fairfield County and roll down your tinted Beamer windows. Or just come to visit from another state. Hartfor id the ghetto and all of the mill towns are for working men and women and sometimes welfare takers. If your are from California your state sucks and you are paying way too much for real estate so don't say shit about CT. Watch out for those wildfires maybe you should get an IQ like as high as a person from CT and stop putting your houses in the middle of the forest without a fire break or on a cliff that is prone to mudslides. You forgot about all of the shitty cities that you have. LA's ghetto is almost as big as CT. Ct is way better than Cali anyday. Our girls have real titties they may be ugly but they are real. I grew up in CT NW corner - Go Yankees. Since I moved to Texas I miss Snow (not shoveling it), grinders, driving on the highway, raggies, package stores, and getting cocked. Texans just don't understand. The unly subs we have in CT are in New London. I wish it was illegal in everystate to talk on the cell phone while driving.
Where you from?
Your a rich boy arn't you.
No, I grew up in a factory town.
damn yankee!
I kick your fucking redneck ass I got plenty of practice in CT public school ( the only place where you learn how to spell and learn how to fight)
by Stevehatestx November 20, 2007

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