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A two litre bottle of cider, Mainly strongbow.
Person 1 : What you drinking tonight?
Person 2 : Might just get a 2 bomb.
Person 1 : Strongbows nasty.
by Weesteve February 27, 2009
A two litre bottle of cheap cider, which is consumed mostly by unemployed youths. It is generally a bottle of Strongbow, although Woodpecker and Pulse are other common brands, Pulse being the cheapest.
Guy1: "Hey man, are you going to that party on saturday?"
Guy2: "Yeah man, wouldn't miss a pissup"
Guy1: "What you drinking?"
Guy2: "Well i'm an unemployed youth, so i'll probably just get a 2 bomb."
Guy1: "Dude, cider's nasty. I'm getting buckfast."
by CoolFucker954 May 01, 2010
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