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Somebody who knows more than the speaker about computers, who by implication has no social skills although this bares no relation to the likelihood of the term being used. Not to be confused with players of online role playing games, who are more accurately known as twats, most computer nerds are male and work in a different company department from the speaker.
"I would ask the computer nerds downstairs but they say really complicated things that make me feel stupid," said the stupid person
by Frog Jacuzzi July 14, 2009
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The only kind of boy that I would ever date.
You're a computer nerd?! Tell me, who's your favorite character on DS9 and are you for or against iframes..? ...SPIDERMAN MADE YOU GAY, TOO?! :D
by Drea May 07, 2003
the statistics show most computer "nerds" are antisocial teenage males.
but i'm a girl and i'm not antisocial.
computer nerds are people that like computers FAR too much and spend most of their waking hours on it. they also know a lot that normal users dont
omg i just found a watch that has a usb cord stuck inside of it and it holds stuff!
by heidi February 03, 2004
often refering to some guy that MIGHT wear glasses but usual is HOT AND SEXY (like me)
i want i piece of that nerd;)
by Jon February 11, 2003
Computer nerd. Can be discribed as a small, scrawny boy with glasses and acne, or a huge fat guy who sits on his computer all day playing MMORPG's and eats food all day and doesn't bathe and smells and is a big doo-doo head. If you come across a computer nerd, just say this: "You're a nerd, everyone hates you. Get a life." That will send the Computer nerd running up to its mother from her basement. also can be known as someone with no life
"Oh my god, Tim, you're such a computer nerd. You sit around playing that runescape shit all day.
by I'manerdlol. January 22, 2009
Stewie: he often dreams about computer parts and gets off to them too.
Stewie is the biggest computer nerd in the world
by Jafarla February 06, 2008
A style. i think only for guys tho. never seen one in real life or in the imaginary world
"is computer nerd a style?"
by M4W March 19, 2009
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