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A game, usually in RTS games, in which real-life players are pitted against more, less or an even amount of computer-controlled players.

Usually this involves playing the maximum amount of allied human players vs. one enemy computer because the computer is easy to kill when outnumbered. Unfortunately, during these kinds of games, BackStabbers exist, who will wait until the computer is dead, look unsuspicious and then attack the remaining players with a huge force, all under the players' noses.
"I destroyed a comp in a Comp Stomp last night."

"That unsuspicious-looking backstabber killed us all after we killed the computer!"
by Mehro May 12, 2005
A type of game, usually in RTS games, where human players pit themselves against AI in equal, easier, or harder difficulty levels. Strangely enough, the AI can usually be much harder than a human opponent given how the AI has a knack for attacking early and knowing exactly what to do.

Sadly some RTS players comp stomp with easy games just to boost their win-loss record and not look so bad.
"It's best to play in comp stomps to gain yourself some experience in RTS games."

"I love playing comp stomps in Dawn of War. It's actually challenging!"

"Man some people comp stomp just to boost their record...pansies."
by Skeedler February 03, 2006
Technical term from the photography field. A Comp Stomp occurs when a person's artistic sense and visualization causes them to....well, completely copy your photo composition by lining up so close to you that you can feel their body heat and sense a complete violation of human space.

Extra points go to motivated Comp Stompers who practically dry hump you while taking a photo, massage your leg with their tripod, and cause condensation on the back of your neck from them breathing so close to you.

Hall of Fame Comp Stompers will act completely baffled when you protest that they are just a little too close to you for comfort, then inch their equipment a couple inches closer when you are not looking. Photoshop workshop groups are filled with Hall of Fame Comp Stompers.

Of course, a Comp Stomper could go find their own photo location, but why not just copy somebody who is better, or appears to have nicer equipment?
"I can't stand going out to shoot with Tim, all he does is Comp Stomp me after I decide what to shoot."

"Bob is the worst Comp Stomper I have ever seen, his tripod was way too happy to see me."

"Did you see that huge photo workshop Comp Stomping me? I got here 2 hours for sunrise, and all they want to do is crush me because they can't find their own place to shoot."
by oracleofchangeorders December 17, 2013

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