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A company that spends all its money on advertising and thus has none left over for customer service.

Also see monopoly
Hey, keep that frustrated customer on hold while we finish our latest 'Comcast Triple Play' ad.
by Degu July 10, 2008
A mysterious black hole in cyberspace, which swallows up development dollars and causes sales to vanish into nothingness.

Hits to its URL are said by experts to be rarer than Bigfoot sightings.
I opted into Ebay Express six months ago and haven't sold a freaking thing since.
by Degu July 10, 2008
A once-great publication which sold its soul for advertising dollars. Bad news about its sponsors now mysteriously pass without mention.

See also shill.
Man, I used to respect Sports Collectors Digest before they sold out.
by Degu September 06, 2008
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