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When playing an Online game, you have sudden bursts of lag, or are randomly disconnected. Usually when something awesome is about to happen, or when others are relying on you.
1. "Why didn't you heal the tanks?" - "Oh, I got comcasted."
2. "Sorry I shot you, I was being Comcasted."
3. "Why didn't you complete the mission?!" - "Meh, I got comcasted again."
by SRTunak April 04, 2010
Named after the ulti of the famous League of Legends champion, Annie, this is a term used for dropping a "deuce". In other words, taking a dump.
1. I caught them in the jungle and dropped a tibbers on all of them it was sweet.
2. Yo I need to be right back, have a to drop a tibbers.
by SRTunak July 20, 2011
Bitch Personality Disorder. A woman (or rarely a man) who suffers from being a constant bitch.
Can you believe Teti? She's such a bitch.
Yea, she suffers from BPD.
by SRTunak June 22, 2011

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