Being stopped from doing something by an imposed limit, but not being told what that limit is under any circumstances.
If Disneyland was Comcasted:

Agent: "You have exceeded your fun limit for the day. You must leave the park immediately."
Tourist: "Limits? I wasn't told of any limits. What are the limits, if I may ask?"
Agent: "You may not."
by Brisk June 08, 2004
Top Definition
(v.) - To be disconnected randomly while using internet service by Comcast Cable.
I was downloading music and got Comcasted!!
by StalePhish August 26, 2005
When playing an Online game, you have sudden bursts of lag, or are randomly disconnected. Usually when something awesome is about to happen, or when others are relying on you.
1. "Why didn't you heal the tanks?" - "Oh, I got comcasted."
2. "Sorry I shot you, I was being Comcasted."
3. "Why didn't you complete the mission?!" - "Meh, I got comcasted again."
by SRTunak April 04, 2010
To be randomly prevented from continuing your daily routine by people who do not care about their customers.

(When playing CoD4) To randomly start moving erratically as if you drank a cup of comcast's comcastic high speed, and see the infamous "connection interrupted" pop up.
OOOOhhh NOOOOeeess!11!!11oneonetwo!!1 I just got comcasted!
by DrkRatchet105 April 12, 2008

Being screwed by a Monopoly
Person 1 "I tried to correct an billing error with comcast. They contacted my work and got me fire."

Person 2 "You just got Comcasted"
by Rabbitredb October 09, 2014
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