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The act of making out and fingering at the same time. It can happen with clothes on or off, and you cannot combo a male.
Guy #1:Dude i totally comboed that chick last night
Guy #2: No way man! Thats hella tight
Guy #1: Fasho i gripped her like a biatch
by Nkon July 25, 2006
Using a Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle on Halo 2. First the Plasma Pistol shoots a charged shot to completely remove an overshield, then a quick burst to the head with the Battle Rifle to finish your opponent. The Covenant Carbine can also be used as a substitute for the Battle Rifle.
"Watch yourself, that newb is using the combo."
by NooKa July 07, 2005
A Gang of very dangerous columbians that fly blow into the U.S.
Hey, man those combos are taking over our turf
by triga December 10, 2003
This is basically the best thing to happen to mankind since shaq. First, you have an execedingly good car ride in which you try to annoy the harris family as much as possible while laughing non-stop. Then comes the hardees pit-stop in which you googe on the burger and eat it. As you arrive at the cabin, funfilled activities are waiting:degrassi, poke, fishing, the 4th of july parade, keefe, puking up sweedish fish, hiding cheeseburgers in the couch, and makenna's mouth on ur mouth. A combo is just a little piece of heaven and should be the best up north trip ever if granted. A combo should only happen once because you go so crazy with paul and rick wagner that no one ever wants you both up there again at the same time.
Nicks dad: BOY WOULD U GUYS SHUT UP! this is a combo not comedy hour.

Mike, if i take you fishing this summer in my boat, can u take me on a combo?
by deef April 06, 2005
Combos is a food for severely obese, and or drug addict. Don't be fooled by the different flavors of combos because in the end, they all taste like horse shit. Side effects of digesting Combos could include the following: Obesety, heart failure, all forms of cancer, abnormal growths on your ass, intense multiple personalities, the effect of feeling your on LSD everytime you eat them. Parents should be warned that feeding this devilish snack to your children could cause mutations in their genes and cause them to be interested in the same sex. in rare cases, subjects have been mutated into hermaphrodites. Less common side effects include uncontrolled hair growths on their pubical area, high intrest in porn, mastrubation at least 7 times a day, and/or pedophilism. Please note that eating this snack that is claimed to be "made with real cheese" could cause you to commit suicide. One or more of these side effects are common with anyone who eats them. be warned.
"Today i just ate combos and discovered that i have an abnormal growth on my ass"
by Crunchy Oven October 17, 2009
Having a variaty of friends,women and men of differente ages.
Let's go out with the combo, what if somebody hooks up?
by LADY MELIZ February 02, 2008