A multi-hit string of attacks. Used mainly in fighting games and RPGs
Super Smash Brothers Melee does not have any combos
by Gregunit January 29, 2006
A type of guitar amplification which the power amp and pre-amp section is housed inside one box with the speaker(s), usually on the top.
The Mesa/Boogie Road King combo is the best I ever played.
by Yngwie Malmsteen June 30, 2004
A series of sex postions given by the dude that will give a girl a mutible orgasume.
Oh yeah I gave her a Combo last night.
by sub-0 February 19, 2006
When partners conduct sexual acts in such that they both receive pleasure
" but im horny too! cant we just combo?"
by sean & nina January 18, 2006
the act of going to seven eleven to obtain food and drinks. typically while skate boarding or doing other extreme sports. a combo usually includes some sort of snack, and a drink. usually an arizona or energy drink but can be anything.
Alex "yo let's combo."
John "aight let's roll down to sev"
by SODARK June 30, 2011
The art of puting scr-, bl-, gr-, or any other two letters in front of a common word to create a rhyming sentence. Also known as the Art of Comboing. In order to combo, you must have a 110 plee or larger. If your flacid isn't hard 24/7, dont bother trying to combo.
Scralec: "Yo Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter: "Whoa what's goin on here flagget..."
Scralec: "Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter "Whoaaa peace out scromescrog, keep that scring hard"
Scralec: "Sorry i dont amount to your level Scruntaaaa, ill never be there."
Scrunter: "Obviously chunks, holla back!?! I rape grubs, i rape nubbs, i hate pp lickers, knick knack patty scrack give a grog a blone!"
Scralec: (is so amazed by the combo he beats the meat and skeet skeets)
by Zach Hunter February 09, 2009
When somebody runs up to their friend and smacks them. in the face exclaims “COMBO!” and then runs away. The combo-ie cannot retaliate until 10min.later.
Originated in NYC labschool.

*slap*"COMBO! Bitch!"
..goes to slap back..
by bobosha January 06, 2007
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