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4 definitions by Gregunit

A bastardization of the word anime invented by encyclopedia dramatica
Imma bouta go watch sum Annie May
by Gregunit August 20, 2007
A multi-hit string of attacks. Used mainly in fighting games and RPGs
Super Smash Brothers Melee does not have any combos
by Gregunit January 29, 2006
The day before Spring Break, particularly becuase there is a GSA that day. Only a rogue would go to GSA instead of enjoy spring break.
"I can't wait for rogue day to be over"
by Gregunit April 07, 2006
1. A knight on King Arthur's round table, they are noble and brave champions who only want to protect people

2. dumbass kids on World of Warcraft that wanted to be warriors that could heal. In PvP combat they typically just stall until a real class comes along, becuase by then the opponent is usually out of mana.
1. Paladins are holy knights of honor who would never run away from a fight

2. Shield and Hearth!
by Gregunit February 25, 2006