Colton or Pulling A Colton is when you are on Xbox live, and you are in a party chat, and you start to masterbate to your friends voices.
Last night I pulled a Colton.
by anonymous 9012348 July 01, 2010
One who has a gut and doesn't know it, is also quite unintelligent. Usually this male, doesn't get invited to birthday parties, although he comes anyways. Asks parents to set "play-dates" up for him, eats only cheap and processed foods, is a member of the lower class society, and tend to migrate from Wisconsin. Only mates with cousins, and in most cases, the male they call "Colton" 98% of the time has a speech impeditment. And finally, this creature is shaped either like a boar or a Doctor Seuss character. These creatures tend to be prone to severe nose injuries, making them look even more peculiar. Has a slight tendency to send out unwanted nudey pics, also says words like "nakey", "sexy time", and "kinky" due to the simple fact that he cannot pronounce other words. Also loves to hump and masturbate to inanimate objects.
Example 1: Person A: Colton you're putting on a little weight.

Colton: Weally you don't just make up words.. Wha da fuck is weight..

Example 2: Colton: Hey cousin, want to go behind the shed, maybe get nakey and have some sexy time, don't wowwy I bwought some bologna.
by GlentheScientist83 December 14, 2010
the colton usually stupid and ugly

a social outcast that has no friends
Colton Taylor
by baseballkidd31 October 14, 2010
hey man you gonna eat that colton?
by kangaroos January 25, 2009
Douchebag acts cool around other friends tries HARD to impress others no self-confidence jerk in front of other people to be cool
That guy is a Colton
by Freshazdeycome May 14, 2010
a boy who makes you like him a lot but doesn't like you back and when you stop he'll just like you and you'd get into a whole weird situation considering you're bestfriends. then he asks you to sleep with him but he's already went and slept with 2 other girls at the same time before he asks you but say he just wants you.
man, that boy is almost as difficult as colton.
by i likeD you July 20, 2009
A dumb ass who sucks at playing call of duty and lies so you think he is cool with a really high voice that reminds you of a little girl who sucks in bed and likes dick
look at that faq

He sucks a COD like a Colton.
by Colton Bailey March 14, 2010

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