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hey man you gonna eat that colton?
by kangaroos January 25, 2009
Douchebag acts cool around other friends tries HARD to impress others no self-confidence jerk in front of other people to be cool
That guy is a Colton
by Freshazdeycome May 14, 2010
a boy who makes you like him a lot but doesn't like you back and when you stop he'll just like you and you'd get into a whole weird situation considering you're bestfriends. then he asks you to sleep with him but he's already went and slept with 2 other girls at the same time before he asks you but say he just wants you.
man, that boy is almost as difficult as colton.
by i likeD you July 20, 2009
A dumb ass who sucks at playing call of duty and lies so you think he is cool with a really high voice that reminds you of a little girl who sucks in bed and likes dick
look at that faq

He sucks a COD like a Colton.
by Colton Bailey March 14, 2010
1. A gender confused male, who prefer shorter woman. Often with tiny genitals.

2. the act of homosexual anal penetration

3. Refers to guys who are incredibly annoying and douchy. Coltons are excessively squeaky and enjoy hitting on other people's girlfriends. This usually results in the Colton getting his ass kicked. Coltons give off a pungent odor and stains his pillows black. Just looking at a Colton compels most people to violent bursts of verbal obscenities.
1. I dont know if that colton is a guy or a girl.
2. I was recently offered a session of Colton.
by dolpha November 17, 2009
1. A term for someone being excessively antagonistic and mean.

heres the logic. Someone can be a dick... if they are being a bigger dic they are being a boner. Boner and colton are similar and can be interchanged.
That guy was being such a colton to me. He dissed me, and my family for no reason. All i said was hello to him.
by crazay guy November 17, 2009
1. a creepy middle school boy who stalks girls and has the ability to change forms. when he is near, you can usually find a group of girls screaming "AHHH! COLTON!" anything can be related back to him. perhaps the creepiest thing he does is posess his victims to say things such as "colton's body is a wonderland", "hey pretty colton with the high heels on", and "i want colton's hot body next to me!" of course, none of this would be said by a non-posessed girl. his most famous form of stalking is the random box that appears on your computer screen late at night. he is also known as 'frankie jay' due to the fact he looks a lot like frankie jonas. anything can be blamed on him.

2. a motorcycle.
random laugh out of nowhere - four girls scream "AHH! COLTON!!"

"last night i was on yahoo talking to paul then this colton box popped up on my computer, therefore i had no choice but to run around in circles and scream 'AHH! COLTON!'"

mom: do you want mexican tonight?
daughter that is one of colton's victims: oh no, mexican aka rico aka stalker aka COLTON! AHH!

*as a motorcycle drives by* "geez, why are coltons so loud?"
by imamazing123 April 26, 2009