Having of high confidence for oneself; containing above average features and maintaining a decent attitude at the same time.
That Colton has something about him that makes him fun to be around!
by ohheythere1995 April 29, 2011
The funniest, kindest, and canniest person ever, has great hair and good looking. He likes you for who you are and doesn't care what other people think of you. He is awesome and the bestmate ever XD
That guy's really canny he must be called "colton".
by Keep'nItReal74 June 26, 2011
A boy who makes you feel pretty
A boy who is funny,nice, and everyone loves him
A boy who looks good in walmarts shirts
A boy i should have told how I felt
He's so Colton.
by idgaggd April 07, 2012
Colton an awesome person has lots of friends and can be a little douchey is an fantastic boyfriend looking to settle but will tare as s untill he finds it, great with kids, understanding, sympathic, great in bed really loves to switch it up super sexy, fit, great hair, beautiful eyes and smile you find a Colton you better never let go cause he's the best a girl can ask for
Colton is my best friend
by claudia :) March 31, 2015
A kid that has a small dick and will be a forty year old virgin.
Look at that faggot Colton, he is still a virgin.
by Swagking2017 May 11, 2016
Someone with an above average penis but it still pleases the ladies. He is super funny and awesome. Has a great personality and can rock anything he wears
Colton's dingaling gave me so much pleasure last night!
by TGT54CDF5 May 27, 2016
An extremly athletic guy who is amazing looking.
Colton is so athletic on the field
by Keegan t April 30, 2016
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