An extremly athletic guy who is amazing looking.
Colton is so athletic on the field
by Keegan t April 30, 2016
Colton's are always abnormal tall. If you were named Colton and are less than 6 foot than your parents didn't love you enough to put any thought into a proper name. They tend to like to be the center of attention and general kiss ass in order to get people to like them. It is often perceived that they are laid back and the cool kid, however this is really regular state of mental idling that happened after the previous task taxed their little minds. Studies have shown that Coltons are often jealous of Chad's. This is due to the Chad's sexy physique and many rich relationships with russian woman that he also could never get. They tend to stalk Chad's in the library in order to observe their behavior with intent to imitate the wonder that is Chad. Oh look.. I see one coming up to me right now!
"Go away colton. I'm trying to study", Chad
by chadwpittman May 19, 2015
The act of peeing on your friend's living room floor. Who does that?!?
"Dude, come on, you just pulled a Colton..."
"It wasn't me."
by b_lynch13 November 01, 2013
A sweet guy who knows how to win over a girl's heart. Troy's usually think he's a fag. Likes listening to Cher and Lionel Ritchie. Enjoys drinking beer, driving trucks and sexually experimenting. Attracts Carly's. Respects the cowboys from Brokeback Mountain. Is himself sort of a slut. Thinks he's good at guitar but nobody has the heart to tell him he's not. Can sometimes be fake. Likes to dance, especially when drunk. Has a douchey sense of style- refuses to wear anything but diamond supply co. Chronic masturbator. Likes singing in the rain, laughing too hard, and living life to the fullest.
1) "He's kind of a fayg, but I guess he's fun to be around. More fun when he puts out."

2) "Eh kids, remember, just like Colton used to say: 'Live, laugh, love.'"

3) "That Colton, he only loves three things in life: his bud light, Channing Tatum and those fucking trees.
by Drew Metzger December 13, 2012
When a guy throws up in front of a girl at a wild party one night, and then makes out with her at the next party
Yeah Ryan just pulled a Colton. You go dude get it in!
by Katesterxoxo October 06, 2013
A person who has trouble walking on their own two feet. Lacks hand eye coordination. Awkward in appearance and personality.
I saw a Colton try to catch a frisbee. It was funny
by Colton "Why am I Never" Wright December 16, 2011
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