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refering to all males that are incredibly fat annoying and repulsive that no one likes. they are the scum of the earth and should be erradicated. commonly their faces a plauged with acne and the remains of their last meal due to their poor hygien and 3rd grade table manners. they play themselves off as cool but in reality they are nothing more than incompitant and very insecure.They are also equipt with a small penis comparable to a 7 year old and balls like a squirrel. they will undobtetly die loney in a cave with a large empty bottle of hand cream and chafing on both hands.
Ah who invited colton thistle? Lets just leave...
by pisspants1 August 24, 2008
90 314
A cool kid

Some one who is very chill
or laid back
"Look at that cool kid"

"Yeah he is so Colton"
by Arielle Drama Started August 23, 2006
1976 880
beautiful, auh-mazzing boy with good intentions. Makes an awesome boyfriend, the sweetest guy on earth. Has the warmest heart. No one could ever stay mad at him. He's easy to love. The most adorable boy ever.
I love me some colton. :)
by megan vanessa October 08, 2008
1866 804
amazingly cute and smart. never fake and always the perfect bf.
"omg. i wish my bf was more colton!"
by A very lucky girl. November 28, 2008
1491 668
A Spartan Warrior.
Did you see Colton in 300?
How could i not?
by NAYNAY1990 February 04, 2010
987 615
An awsome person that can get mad easily and cares for his friends, very enjoying and good at COD!
That's Colton.
by INSANE! in the membrane May 25, 2010
733 455
Colton is someone who is very trustworthy. He has a funny & outgoing side, but also has a sweet & romantic side. He never fails to make his girlfriend be happy.
He's one of the best guys you'll ever meet.
Never let him go.
Hey! Look over there! That's Colton. He's amaaaazing!
by taylor.deaan13 March 20, 2011
670 401
A loving, outgoing, possible scene kid, usually loveable, happy, surprisingly buff, gets mad easily, possibly bi-polar, would make a PERFECT relationship partner, good with spelling, smart, loving heart for anyone, is very attractive, a little self-fish, very stylish, creative, funny, open minded, has many talents, brave, trustworthy, never lets you down, is strong-willed about most things and is the best kind of guy or girl you could EVER MEET.

I'm never going to get over being a Colton. :)
OMG, Colton, why aren't you my boyfriend?
by Colton Rothert May 07, 2011
346 204