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A cool kid

Some one who is very chill
or laid back
"Look at that cool kid"

"Yeah he is so Colton"
by Arielle Drama Started August 23, 2006
The act of peeing on your friend's living room floor. Who does that?!?
"Dude, come on, you just pulled a Colton..."
"It wasn't me."
by b_lynch13 November 01, 2013
lil dick nigga! A man with a shmeek! A man who shoves their balls in their butthole.
Oh look here comes gay boy(Colton)
by 09091234 June 16, 2014
the ultimate definition of gay
Don't be Colton.
by qwertys6969 September 07, 2014
A person who has trouble walking on their own two feet. Lacks hand eye coordination. Awkward in appearance and personality.
I saw a Colton try to catch a frisbee. It was funny
by Colton "Why am I Never" Wright December 16, 2011
A short, skinny asshole, who can't get along with anyone, usually an atheist, who hates agreeing with people. Usually little or no friends.
Colten: Hey man. Tom cruse was not in top gun
Man 2: yes he was:
Man 3: don't worry man he is just a Colton.
by Mittenzboy May 07, 2013
Someone who is absolute scum. A racist, over-privileged fucker who has never worked a day in his life and yet judges others for working hard to make a living.

Also, they think they are very clever, and yet makes incredibly stupid decisions based on personal feelings.

All in all, a fuckwit.
If I don't like you, I won't even talk to you. I'll ignore you, because I'm a Colton.
by Macka7 March 08, 2012
Colton or Pulling A Colton is when you are on Xbox live, and you are in a party chat, and you start to masterbate to your friends voices.
Last night I pulled a Colton.
by anonymous 9012348 July 01, 2010

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