The PROPER way of spelling colour.
Or color as the americans spell it.
Americans will probably spell it wrong because British spelling is too SUPERIOR and they can't understand it.
The FIRST way of spelling it, and the right way.
British dude: Do you like the colour of my thirt?
American dude: No that color is stoopid. I love pink!
British dude: YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL!!!!!
by hananananaah January 17, 2006
the British spelling of color. (british spelling of words must be accompanied by other britishisms )
my what pretty colours you have in your podge!

Mumsy and I went to the pub to buy a chug of coloured ale.

Oh darling we aint got no more colours to paint the house with just pasty white.
by Randomidous® October 09, 2005
Euphemism for sex... as seen on Sex & the City
"Well I can't colour enough! I would colour all day every day if I had my way. I would use every crayon in the box." - Samantha
by Halitosis23 December 02, 2008
Something that looks like it should be pronounced (cuh-lOW-er) instead of (cah-lur).
Seriously, why not spell it the way it's pronounced, idiots?
by GWR Contradiction Agency January 05, 2005
The original spelling of the word now commonly spelt as color. Colour is the outdated version that people rejected partly because its pronunciation didn't match the way it looked. The use of a 'u' in the word was understood but it was removed because intelligent folk realised it was completely unnecessary.

What's more, if a company needs to have several signs made that additional u will increase the total production cost. American know this because they are more business savy.
Typing a long screen play or book with extra us in everything just means you'll get carpal tunnel faster. Those Us add up after all ya know; save time. Make sense. Drop that u in colour!
by Freya Silversmith January 19, 2006
The British way of spelling color. Americans spell it "color" which is the better way to spell it. It's shorter and easier.
American dude: Why the hell did u spell color with an extra u?
British dude: because spelling colour without the u is absolutely absurd and---
American dude: you've gotta be shittin me!
British dude: its unproper to use colour without---
American dude: Just shut up. No one gives a fuck.
by kayleebaybee988 August 21, 2008
British douchebag-tense for the word COLOR.
We kicked your asses twice, so cut it out with this 'colour' shit already.
by D R October 11, 2005
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