it's how everyone on the planet spells the word "color" except us Yanks, thanks to the spelling reforms of Noah Webster.
1. I was watching TV in my hotel room late at night in Niagara Falls, Canada. I could get American and Canadian TV signals there because I was at the border. There was an ad for Clairol with some lovely chicks showcasing their hair. Next to a lovely babe with long red hair was the logo: it said "Clairol Colour Treatment". I was watching an ad on Canadian TV.

2. At Oakes Parks in the Niagara area I was having a nice discussion with a Canuck lady. She said that I must be an American because I said "out" as opposed to "ewt". I said that yes I'm a Yank and that I spell "colour" with 5 letters, not 6.

3. Cyndi Lauper had a hit in 1986 with "True Colors". In 1998 Phil Collins released his version of it, respelling it as "True Colours" beings that he is British.

3. "Any Colour You Like" is a synthesizer-heavy instrumental by Pink Floyd.

4. The TA for one of my college classes is a Canadian. He says that American spelling for words like "catalogue" becoming "catalog" and dropping the "u" in "colour" to make "color" is a sign of laziness. Hey, it eliminates excess baggage. It's called "simplifying". That's the American way, fella!

5. Eeeeeeeeeyeww! What's your favorite color baby? ... LIVING COLOUR.
by American Veteran May 22, 2009
The PROPER way of spelling colour.
Or color as the americans spell it.
Americans will probably spell it wrong because British spelling is too SUPERIOR and they can't understand it.
The FIRST way of spelling it, and the right way.
British dude: Do you like the colour of my thirt?
American dude: No that color is stoopid. I love pink!
British dude: YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL!!!!!
by hananananaah January 17, 2006
An acronym meaning: Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquely Raw Style.
Real high class people are reps of C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
by Enternamehere August 15, 2007
The superior way of spelling colour, unlike those American losers.

British Man: Well, I personally think a hint of the ol' marble colour would make the car more smoother on the eyes, jolly chap.

Shizzle Man: .....
by Cloud July 20, 2004
The right way of spelling
its cooler to spell right. like colour and humour
by beastlyninjaa November 06, 2010
The traditional way to spell "color."

Candians, Australians, Singaporians, Irishmen, Malaysians, Kiwis, Brits, Scots, Welshmen, Africans, and the people of every other English speaking country besides Philippines and America spell colour like "colour."

You stupid fucking yanks who can't comprehend silent letters and like to butcher the language, call it "color," and then tell the rest of the world we spell it wrong.

No, YOU spell it wrong. In new English, the first spelling of the word was colOUR. Get with the programme before your country burns to the cinders in WWIII, so maybe some people will like you and have your back.
The entire world: "My favourite colour is orange!"
Stupid bloody yank: "OMG i thenk he meanz to say his fav color omg he's obv british wow ur so dumb learn 2 speak english cus ur not from lyk england or anything lol!!!!!!111!one"
by PterodactyllytcadoretPPterodac December 07, 2012
A beautiful girl that's is hella cool and knows how to have fun ,she is shy but has fucked at least once , she keeps secrets but then she doesn't , she also has trusting problems
Damn, colour I heard you really know how to work the bed!
Who have you told?
by africanso June 09, 2014
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