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The traditional way to spell "color."

Candians, Australians, Singaporians, Irishmen, Malaysians, Kiwis, Brits, Scots, Welshmen, Africans, and the people of every other English speaking country besides Philippines and America spell colour like "colour."

You stupid fucking yanks who can't comprehend silent letters and like to butcher the language, call it "color," and then tell the rest of the world we spell it wrong.

No, YOU spell it wrong. In new English, the first spelling of the word was colOUR. Get with the programme before your country burns to the cinders in WWIII, so maybe some people will like you and have your back.
The entire world: "My favourite colour is orange!"
Stupid bloody yank: "OMG i thenk he meanz to say his fav color omg he's obv british wow ur so dumb learn 2 speak english cus ur not from lyk england or anything lol!!!!!!111!one"
by PterodactyllytcadoretPPterodac December 07, 2012

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