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A toy for people who like to think for themselves.

One of the largest toy companies in the world with an annual turnover of billions of dollars.

Lego is Danish for "Play Well"

Lego is Latin for "I Put Together"

LEGO's brand recognition is the same as that of the Disney Company.
The Lego company encourages "Free Form Play" which is about getting the child to be creative in what they build. Although recently it has begun to produce licenced, themed toys such as "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". Lego Loyalists consider this to be sacrilegious behaviour by the company.

At the LEGO Company, toy blocks are the building blocks of success. Since 1949 the Danish firm has made more than 200 billion of its interlocking plastic toys, keeping little hands and imaginations busy around the globe. In a nod to kids' high-tech skills, it also offers LEGO kits to build PC-programmable robots (including Spybotics and Mindstorms), and its BIONICLE line features an evolving story line on the Internet and a variety of merchandising opportunities. The company also owns LEGO theme parks (in California, Denmark, Germany, and the UK), as well as LEGO retail outlets in the US and Europe.

Lego formed a partnership with MIT in 1984, and it endowed a professorship in the MIT Media Lab in 1989 -- but it didn't produce the "intelligent brick" until 1998. Despite the popularity of the programmable brick, Lego has been unable to bring the price down and turn it into a mass-market product.

Today, Lego rivals Bridgestone and Goodyear to produce the most tires in the world -- making upward of 175 million tires per year.
by John Ronane September 18, 2004
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1. an interlocking plastic building toy
2. something that should be done to eggo waffles
lego my eggo
by trumpy13 July 17, 2003
little toy blocks that connect to one another to take shape of another object
look at my house, it is made with LEGOS.
by Sykey December 19, 2004
Lego- a slang term for let's go. Commonly used by Trey Songz.
Lego get a dutch so we can smoke
by Shay Dizzle December 28, 2010
How Black people say "Lets Go."

The signature sound of Trey Songz in any song he is in.
Lego gets some fried chicken.
by kymasi January 16, 2011
Small and colorful plastic bricks that can connect to each other to build structures of all sizes. Often used by children, but some adults can take them up as a hobby.

Legos have an unintentional use though. They work as landmines to those who are barefoot.
Guy 1: Ouch! Damn it!!!!!

Guy 2: What happened?

Guy 1: Fucking Timmy's Legos are all over the floor.

Guy 2: Sounds like someone is getting a beating after soccer.
by edp386 August 18, 2010
1. An interlocking plastic building toy. Used by many people through out their childhood (usually boys).

2. An indigenous Australian word meaning "fight". It is pronounces leg-oh.
1. "hey man wanna come over and play with my lego? I made a cool space ship"

2. "Oi bra, you want to lego?"
by Slangmaster3000 February 07, 2008
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